We are proud to claim that we have obtained the GMP certification for our production processes. GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice; a good manufacturing practice (GMP) is a production and testing practice that helps to ensure a quality of the product.

A Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certificate provides an independent verification and certification ensuring that the basic manufacturing practices and prerequisites necessary for the implementation of an effective and efficient running of a production facility

Up to now separation of sand & other foreign particles has been a nightmare for coco peat products manufacturers around the world. After drying, coco pith can be sifted with our patented machine to remove unwanted particles; this gives us the ability to make superior quality coco peat products that confirms to international standards.

This machine is environment friendly as it separates the coir pith and unwanted particles. It also can grade pith in to different sizes as needed by the consumer.


Our commitment to quality does not stop with the material we use. We apply the same high commitment towards training & development of our employees.

Employees are the greatest asset to any organization, we have clearly identified this therefore we conduct training & development activities for our factory workers and management staff, continuously. These activities may be on the job training or residential training programs conducted at a high cost. We make sure that our employees are in a very high motivation level. This not only helps in quality product output but also gives us a long term benefit by reducing turn over.