Coir Fiber Nets

Coir fibre nets are an ideal Erosion Control medium. Made with either machine spun or hand spun twines in machine operated or hand operated weaving looms Coir nets helps to reduce soil loss and establishes new vegetation.

Coir nets are widely used for civil engineering applications and slope stabilization applications. The nettings break up water runoff and absorb the energy of flowing water. Coir also promotes the establishment of new vegetation by absorbing water and preventing drying out of the top soil layer and seeds.

Cour nets are anchored into place with the help of wooden or ion pegs. It can be very effectively used to improving soil behavior. It has definite advantages over synthetic material in the environmental aspect & greatest advantage is that it provides an ecologically balanced environment for rapid establishment of vegetation.


Standard weight – 400gsm, 700gsm & 900gsm (Any weight from 250gsm to 1200gsm can be made)
Dimentions – Standard dimentions are 2m x 50m
Type of Twine/Yarn – Machine twisted or hand twisted
Size of Twine/Yarn – 3mm Dia. to 7-8mm Dia

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