Coir Pillows

Helpgrow Pillows are made by sandwiching a layer of coir between two geotextiles. Our coir pillows can hold seeds in place and provide an ideal environment for germination. The pillows we make are ideal to make floating islands to to create spawning grounds for aquatic animals and to trap sediment.

Coir retains water, thus keeps roots moist in dry weather conditions & the durable net case holds the coir in place for lasting use. The thick layer of coir perfectly traps sediment & creates a perfect environment for plant germination.

Coir pillows are ideal for quick creation of wetlands & aqua nurseries.



Standard Size (Dimension) – 1m x 1m / 1m x 2m
– 2m x 2m / 1m x 5m
– (Almost any size client requires & practically possible)
Coir Weight – Depends on dimention, Ideal quantity is 3kg of mattress fibre per 1 sqm

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