Water Logs / Coir Logs

Coir logs also known as water logs, coir wattles are used to manage changes in stream flow velocity, for shaping channels, stabilizing shorelines or as a natural planting medium for vegetation. Coir logs prevents protected areas from eroding due to energy of the flowing water / sea. & prevent erosion. Coir logs are made of 100% coir (coconut) fibre and bound by a coir net or synthetic poly propylene net. Coir logs can be secure with wooden pegs or metal pegs.

Lifetime of Coir logs are approximately 4 to 10 years depending on the environment & weather conditions. Coir logs can be very easily installed and needs very little to no maintenance until it eventually blends in to the natural environment.


Standard length – 2m, 2.5m 3m & 4m
Standard Diameter – 20cm, 30cm, 40cm & 50cm
Type of Netting – Coir or Poly Propylene

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